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Online payment for:
Water bills,
Hall tickets for Psc exams,
Train tickets,
Project work,
Photostat(Rs. 1 per copy)

We provide air tickets for the entire airlines for National and International sectors. The customers can purchase any class ticket from PADIPURA TRAVELS [KERALA] at the cheapest rate at their time of need and convenience. The Ticketing Desk give information like off time rate, peak time rate, airline specialties, easy routes, time and money saving methods, BSP Tickets, online ticketing and e-ticketing.

Requirment: A valid Passport for International Passengers; ID proof for the domestic online Fax.

Information: Report before 3 hrs of the departure time for international travel. Report before 1 hour of the departure time for domestic travel.

Even in peak season tourist can approach PADIPURA TRAVELS [KERALA] for Two star category accommodation onwards, in the hotels and resorts adjacent to the tourist destinations, where they prefer


PADIPURA TRAVELS [KERALA] is among the best visa consultants in Kerala. Visa guidance is essential for new visa seekers, specially on Student visas, Schengan visa, Business visit visa, Tourist visit visa, Employment visa, Family visa, Diplomatic visa and religious visa. The visa desk services include visa guidance, visa application, visa submission, Embassy Interview appointment and embassy interview guidelines for Visa to Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, Middle East and Australia and all other Visa Pax.

Visa Types

PADIPURA TRAVELS [KERALA] extend the service of Foreign Exchange with credibility, at the best rate of the currency and on the spot legally. We do US dollar exchange, British pound exchange, UAE Dirham exchange, Saudi Riyal exchange generally at the best currency conversion rate. Travelers Cheque also is arranged by us for the customers. Procedures

Insurance coverage is ensured to the travelers to anywhere PADIPURA TRAVELS [KERALA]. The insurance covers the following:

Conditions All the passengers below 70 years of age are eligible for insurance.
The passengers above 70 years of age should submit a medical certificate for insurance claim.
The insurance premium is relative to the age of the passenger and duration of the travel

The passengers can claim insurance for the lost luggage, passport, and valuable for medical treatment


We have efficient staff to handle and care each enquiry and requirement regarding passport. The desk provides any service related to passport. It can be applying for new passport, Passport Renewal, Police verification process (PCC), Tatkal Passport or Passport Corrections, Emigration etc.

S.S.L.C Book/School Certificate
Election ID Card/Driving License
5 Photographs

Even in peak season tourist can approach PADIPURA travels for Two star category accommodation onwards, in the hotels and resorts adjacent to the tourist destinations, where they prefer.


Attestation of Certificates is compulsory for visa stamping to different foreign countries. Through PADIPURA [KERALA] you can get your various certificates, like marriage certificate , Academic Certificates etc. attested by the External Affairs ministry/HRDA personals and concerned Embassy/Consulate personals

Travel by train has become cheaper than ever it had been. Since the train touches most of the tourist destinations, most of the domestic travelers prefer train journey. PADIPURA [KERALA] make higher class railway tickets available for passengers from any place for any train through online ticketing

Our ‘rent- a- car’ service helps the premium class clients to find premium class cars for their vacation journeys. The customer can rent the car alone or with the driver.

PADIPURA travels conduct tours to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Srilanka, dubai and holly land