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Dr. George Varughese Koppara

Vice Chairman

Sri. V.Surendran

Coordinator Tour - International

Sri. K.G.Joykutty

Coordinator Tour Inside India

Sri. Justus Nadavallil

Coordinator, Tour, Inside PTA

Sri. Elizabeth Alex

Convener, Neethi PTA

Sri. P.S. George

Convener, e-services

Sri.D. Joshua

Convener, Seminars

8. Sri. Konniyoor P.K

Convener, Neethi , Kozhenchery

Smt. Saramma Varghese

Convener, Neethi, Adoor

Prof. Mohan Varghese

Coordinator, Fitness Centre

Smt. Suma Madhu

About Us

Pathanamthitta District Pilgrimage and tourism Augmentation Co-operative Society Ltd. P.T. 201, widely known as “PADIPURA” Cooperative Society, registered in 2004, under Kerala Cooperative Act 1969. PADIPURA, is the pioneer most Cooperative body in the district of Pathanamthitta, Kerala for the promotion of Tourism, having its head Office at Chandanappally, Pathanamthitta.

PADIPURA has more than 100 members. Dr. George Varghese Koppara is adorning the Chair of the President and Smt. Susan Johnson serving as the Secretary. It has immense exposure in the medical pharmacy service and operate successfully three Neethi Medical Stores in Pathanamthitta, Adoor and Kozhencherry and a Fitness Centre in Chandanappally. Now it opens its area of operation to the most vibrant and challenging arena of inland tourism and holiday packages in the potent states of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa Kerala.

It is our modest claim that PADIPURA is one of the honest attempts in India to establish, develop, and promote tourism business upholding the cooperative principles. PADIPURA intends to promote tourism and hospitality services based on pure Indian Culture. It strives to protect the interests of its members of the society and aims at social and economic betterment of Mother India. We endeavor to make tourism a social activity which enables every common man to engage in tourism activities in an affordable way. PADIPURA with the maxim "Atithi Devo Bhava" encapsulates the high honor and hospitality that our society accords to the guest and travellers.

A major shortcoming in the efforts to promote tourism so far has been the inability to adopt an integrated approach. PADIPURA with a cooperative and coordinated approach among the neighboring states aspires to make a good tourism experience available and affordable to as many Indians as possible including other travelling guests too. Principally, PADIPURA desires to accommodate and cater to the much ignored Indian middle-class domestic tourists by providing them memorable holiday experience and contribute in the nation building process by tapping the huge tourism potential of the country.

Dr. George Varughese Koppara(Chairman)
Sri.V.Surendran(Vice Chairman)
Sri.K.G.Joykutty(Director& Coordinator Tour - International)
Sri.Justus Nadavallil(Director& Coordinator Tour Inside India)
Sri.Elizabeth Alex(Director& Coordinator,Tour,Inside PTA)
Sri.P.S.George(Director Medical wing)
Sri.D.Joshua(Director & Convener,e-services)
Sri.Konniyoor P.K(Director& Convener,Seminars)
Prof.John Varghese(Director&Civil service coaching)
Prof.Mohan Varghese(Director & PSC Coaching)
Smt.Suma Madhu(Director& Coordinator,Fitness Centre)
Smt.Susan Johnson


Smt. Susan Johnson(Secretary)
Smt Aswathy.R (Asst. Secretary)
Smt. Bincy Susan Baby (Pharmacist)
Smt.Deepthi Kumar (Pharmacist )
Smt Aneeza Aziz (Pharmacist)
Smt. Kochumol Baby (Senior Sales Asst.)
Smt.Anitha Kumarai J (Senior sales Asst,)
Smt.Rubythomas (Sales Asst.)
Smt. Sreeja K S
Smt. Nisha K G
Smt. Lincy mol
Smt. Akhila.R(U.A)
Smt. Lathika(U.A)


Neethi Medical store, Market road, Pathanamthitta.
Neethi Medical store, Opp. Mini Civil Station, Adoor.
Neethi medical store, Panchayat office Road, Kozhencherry.
Fitness centre, Nadavallil Buildings, Chandanappally.
Yoga Centre, Ennasseril Buildings, Chandanappally.